What are Managed IT Services?

what are managed it services

Managed IT services are services that allow businesses to outsource their IT operations to a third-party organization specializing in these responsibilities. The party organization is called a managed service provider, and they are responsible for portions or all of the business’s IT systems.

 Let’s talk about some ways Managed IT services can benefit a business.

What Can It Provide?

  1. Backup and Disaster Recovery. One of the most important things a managed IT service can provide a business is backup and disaster recovery, also known as BDR. BDR is the combination of data backup and disaster recovery, and these things work smoothly together to guarantee business functions will continue with little to no downtime. If there is an incident, either the operations will continue despite it, or they will be recovered to a functioning state as quickly as possible.
  2. Help Desk. This is a service that offers information and technical support to its end users. This type of support can have several levels. Level 1 support is a generalized IT technician, and this type of support can run 24 hours a day because it provides basic issue resolution. Levels 2, 3, and 4 offer different experience qualities depending on the issues that the customer is having and the abilities of the support technician.
  3. Fully Managed IT Services. Managed IT services are services that are conjoined with network operation centers. This is a one-stop-shop for everything your business needs to be up and running smoothly all the time.  Fully managed IT services monitor your systems and resolve issues with top-quality expertise and efficiency.

Regardless of what type of business you own, you will deal with some sort of information technology, and if you’re not tech-savvy or you just have a lot on your plate, outsourcing your IT services can be the ideal solution for your business. Companies such as Stead offer a variety of different managed IT services for small, medium, and large companies.